Craig James Socia Garden DesignSince 1993 Craig James Socia has created one of a kind gardens and landscaped properties on the east end of Long Island. His unique designs, which often incorporate customized stone work and his signature twig-style constructions, have made him one of the most sought after garden designers in the Hamptons. His use of both perennials and annuals – and plant matter both indigenous and exotic – create outdoor atmospheres that cannot be mistaken for any other than those designed and personally tended to by Mr. Socia himself.

Gardens that have adorned the pages of many a shelter and outdoor living style magazine have often been lauded by the press and aficionados of the craft for theirVERANDA 11 “ordered disorder,” a style that assures that whatever time of the spring or summer seasons, each and every garden looks as though it is at its most natural and verdant peak. His uncanny control of the environment combined with his innate respect for nature in its purest form can be seen in the way he often incorporates stone work masonry and intricately handmade twig structures. These literal pieces of art from nature, particularly the twig constructions, blend into the landscape adding a mythical, almost fairytale, quality to his gardens that are truly without compare.